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The Pennsylvania State University

I personally have enjoyed working with you because of your professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, and understanding of any "blips" that may have occurred on Penn State's part. You always have been gracious in your manner.


What if every Time You Delivered a Speech You Were Incredibly Impactful and a Stunning Success?

Being Perceived as a Dynamic, Credible, and Impactful Communicator is a Matter of Career Success and Failure!

Working with an experienced and effective speech coach can help get you there!

Presentation speech coach Jim Golden helps you to improve your presentation swagger by helping you develop artistry to ensure audience connectivity and remove the security blanket of hiding behind a lectern or relying too heavily on PowerPoint slides.

Our initial approach works to build relationships and trust, access interest and coachability, clarify goals and establish an agreement. From there we will begin the coaching dialog to facilitate breakthroughs, develop an action plan and take action that will be measured and assessed.

Impactful presentation skills coaching means you use every resource available to communicate with credibility and confidence. The most important part of any communication you present is yourself. You are the message.


    • Learn the brass tacks to develop an audience analysis
    • Understand the variety of support tools that can help you craft a message
    • Learn to establish trust, credibility, and respect with listeners
    • Learn to establish and advance an attention-getting opening, captivating delivery, and memorable closing
    • Develop a ‘new wrinkle’ for ingredients to improve vocal (verbal) and physical (nonverbal) delivery.


"There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” - Dale Carnegie