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Maryland Department of Economic Development

Your role as the Master's of Ceremonies was very important to our success. You did a tremendous job to keep the program timely and introducing the special guests: elected officials, organization leaders, and government officials.


Do Your Presentations Need More Swagger?

Jim Golden will captivate your audience and inspire them into action

As an award winning speaker and entrepreneur, Jim Golden consistently delivers the goods as a professional keynote speaker and is just what your event needs delivering powerful, high energy and thought-provoking memorable presentations.


Jim offers three presentations…

Presentation Swagger: How To Get It Back
Ways to get your presentation “mojo” back and transform you into a stunning success. Jim shows you...

    • How to use audience-centered public speaking to target your specific their needs
    • How to confidently connect with your audience which is the core of your presentation swagger
    • How to enhance your credibility by blending the right amount of humor, stories and dynamism.

Speaking With Confidence: Moving From Bland To Brilliant
Key points to extinguish communication apprehension and fire up speaker confidence. You will learn how to…

    • Lift up a compelling topic to present that’s been lying low within you
    • Improve your confidence as a speaker by understanding your nervousness or ‘butterflies’ in your stomach
    • Fire up that speaker confidence before, during, and after your awesome presentation

Silence Is Truly Golden
Using nonverbal cues to attract and engage your audiences before, during, and after you speak. Jim shows you…

    • The categories of nonverbal communication, how to expertly leverage them to engage your audience
    • How to leap above those barriers to effective listening
    • How to develop exceptional active listening skills and mastery of the Q&A


"If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will.” - Harvey Diamond