Darcy E. Heaver

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maryland

Mr. Jim Golden traveled over an hour to help some of the staff and board members at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maryland, Inc., perfect their public speaking skills. he covered the topics of speech content and overcoming nervousness. he also had us practice our speeches for our First Annual Ask Event Breakfast, to insure that our message was being heard by our audience.

I would recommend Mr. Golden to those individuals and groups who are just starting out with their speech writing and public speaking. He was informative and patient with his audience.

Lee Thomas

Training Coordinator Choice Hotels Int'l

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing training to our associates on Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills“.

Our associates loved the training and we look forward to doing more work with you in the future.

Emmanuel F. Blackwell

The Training Institute of Washington, DC

Jim Golden has provided exceptional training support to multiple clients over the past few years, and to one recent client in particular. This client, a global consulting company that supports the banking and financial industry, was very impressed with Mr. Golden’s command of the training subject matter, and integration into their unique environment. Student evaluations were all very very high, and the senior manager who sat in on multiple classes as an observer was equally impressed. Mr. Golden’s performance is directly related to this client increasing their annual training budget and providing more opportunities to our firm. We all sincerely thank Mr. Golden, and are happy to continue the great relationship that we have.

Marra Austin, VCO, CUPO

The College of William & Mary Associate Director of Procurement Processes

It is an honor to write this letter on behalf of Jim Golden. Mr. Golden, of Golden Opportunity Learning and Development, LLC has been a keynote speaker and facilitator at the Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP)’s annual supplier diversity event, SWaMfest for the past three years. Mr. Golden has been a repeat speaker due to the positive feedback we receive from his sessions.

SWaMfest just celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The event yields over 400 attendees and is one of the most anticipated supplier diversity events within the Commonwealth. One of the elements of the event that VASCUPP takes pride in is providing our suppliers with substantive and relevant workshops. Time is invaluable for everyone and especially so for the entrepreneurs that attend our event. The workshops must be applicable and provide benefits that make the attendees feel as though the professional development sessions were of value. Mr. Golden’s workshops consistently receive high remarks and comments such as, “Intuitive and powerful!” and “Great!!” He was quoted on twitter by one of the attendees, “You want people to believe they can’t do without you!” his takeaways resonating with people long after the session.

Mr. Golden understood his audience and was able to curtail his presentation to be completely relevant to our suppliers. I am confident he would be able to transition should he come to our school and speak to our faculty, staff and students – which we hope to make a reality in the near future.

Shannon Wampler

University of Virginia Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend to you Jim Golden. Mr. Golden, of Golden Opportunity, Inc., was a presenter and facilitator at SWaMFest VIII, held in Richmond, Virginia. This event, with over 450 attendees, is the signature outreach event for the Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP), which is comprised of the procurement offices of the nine largest public colleges and universities in the Commonwealth.

I met Mr. Golden at a small and diverse business tradeshow held earlier this year by my colleagues at James Madison University, and was immediately impressed by his warm and knowledgeable manner. We spoke briefly about our speaker needs for SWaMFest, and after the event, Mr. Golden promptly followed up with me to speak more in-depth about the event, and to present his company’s capabilities.

We believe that SWaMFest is different than other state agency-hosted small business outreach events because, as institutions of higher education, it is our office’s mission to provide high-quality workshops and education to our vendors (as well as our students). We plan our event to be heavily content-focused, and Mr. Golden did not disappoint! His workshop on Positive Networking, which was geared towards small businesses just prior to entering our tradeshow, received some of the highest survey results out of all of our workshops, with comments such as, “Enjoyed it and found it very helpful!,” “I needed this!!!,” and “Excellent speaker and session.” As the event planner, it was also helpful to me that Mr. Golden immediately understood what we needed, developed his own curriculum with little direction, was responsive to our questions, and far exceeded our expectations.

Paulette Walker Campbell

Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Montgomery County Maryland Chapter

On behalf of the middle school students of the Montgomery County Maryland Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. – and their parents! thank you so much for your inspiring and motivating public speaking workshop.

As you know, many of the participants attended the workshop in preparation for our Chapter’s Black History Month oratorical competition. Your words of advice prepared them well for that upcoming challenge. I saw once-quiet students bloom almost instantly during that workshop; and I saw evidence of your counsel when they presented their topics at the contest (breathe, open with a zinger, maintain eye contact, add a little movement to the presentation). You would have been very proud!

As a parent, I most enjoyed the heart-felt words you shared with the students about rejecting self-imposed limits and giving your best no matter the task. Your words of wisdom underscored the underlying tenet of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.: that every child — given the proper guidance and opportunities can be a leader. These are words of advice that bear repeating to our children over and over again.

Thank you so much for the care you took to work with each and every student there. We are looking forward to having you work with our children again.

Dewanna McDowell, LCSW-C

Charles County Department of Social Services

Thank you for providing a series of trainings on Presentation Skills to our Social Services staff. The training was well received by those in attendance.

Public speaking can be anxiety provoking and uncomfortable for many people. Yet you were able to put people at ease and encourage class participation in a calm and comfortable atmosphere. It was also quite helpful to provide a personal DVD to each attendee, so that we could view our “before and after” public speaking skills as a training tool.

Again, thank you for providing this valuable training to our agency. We look forward to implementing the skills learned in our work with future clients.

Mike Marsters

Director, Washington Gas

When we decided to try something different at our all-hands meeting, we were not sure how it would be received or how well it would work out. The result was more than what we expected. The team-building and safety themes that you presented were very well received by our operations personnel. You were able to relate to the audience with ease by providing relevant, informative, and entertaining material.

I would describe your delivery as high-energy professionalism, and I personally received very positive feedback from many of the 100 plus employees that were in attendance. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again, as your presentation took our all-hands meeting to a higher level. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.

DeVance Walker, Jr., Ph.D

Maryland Department of Economic Development

Thank you for your participation at Montgomery County’s Small Business Assistance Conference. Your role as the Master’s of Ceremonies was very important to our success. You did a tremendous job to keep the program timely and introducing the special guests: elected officials, organization leaders, and government officials. We received excellent ratings from the attendees at the conference. We are very happy about the results of the conference and your involvement. Our County Executive and Director of Economic Development also seemed very pleased with the conference. You set the tone for our success.

Our numbers showed more than 320 small business owners and business leaders attended the conference. This number is well over our projection. Our exit interviews of the conference attendees indicated favorable responses and an interest to have another conference in the near future.

Again, we appreciate your support and taking the time from your business. We look forward to you joining us at the next conference. We will expect you to play a leadership role at our conference .

Diane M. Brown, MBA

The Pennsylvania State University

When you attended the prospective trainers’ Open House, you made an outstanding first impression.   So much so, I couldn’t wait for you to become an affiliate of Penn State University’s Human Resource Development Center (HRDC)! As the Assistant Manager of HRDC and in charge of coordinating affiliates, I was very impressed with your knowledge, your platform skills, and your ability to connect with everyone.

As a new affiliate, you came on board quickly and have acclimated to the University’s culture faster than any other new affiliate. When you have presented various training programs for our campuses as well as provided coaching services, the participants have commented how much they learned while enjoying your interactive teaching style.

I personally have enjoyed working with you because of your professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, and understanding of any “blips” that may have occurred on Penn State’s part. You always have been gracious in your manner.

It is my pleasure to work with you and look forward to many more engagements in the future. Penn State is very lucky to have you on the HRDC team!